Sunday, 22 November 2009

Who Houblon?

Last BC was rather eventful. We had our first ever no-shows! Not even a rubbish excuse via text. They are sooooooooo blacklisted! Luckily, we have our local reserve army who stepped into the breach at the last minute. Well done troops!

Another B-day at BC! The birthday boy's kind fiancee had baked a red velvet cake! We were lucky enough to tuck into and it tasted of life-long commitment.

Finally, some photographic evidence of our not-so-new new starter. Baked peaches with all the good shizzle drizzled on top.

In answer to the question "Who Houblon?"... Sir John Houblon was the first governer of the Bank of England in 1694. And more importantly, he's on our first ever fiddy pound note!!


  1. Hi hi, Congrats on being just a smidge away from a month off your 6th birthday :s We're in the process of setting up our own little underground restaurant and are definitely going to visit you guys when we finally give ourselves some time off. I'm intrigued in your baked peach starter. What shizzle, pray tell, is drizzled on top?

  2. Hello and thanks!

    The drizzled shizzle in question is nothing other than honey, ginger and pecans! And it's served with a dollop of greek yoghurt.

    Let us know when you're up and running.

    BC x