Monday, 26 October 2009

Courting attention!

We're listed in Woo! BC: "For the morning after the night before."

Saturday Bruncheon!

The 17th October was our first ever Saturday Bruncheon. It's very similar to a Sunday Bruncheon. But there was another first: a Bruncheon guest's birthday! We only found out on the day but had just enough time to fetch a candle to stick in a croissant.

Having a bloody merry time!!

Snooping from behind the curtain

"Happy birthday to you!"

"Toothsome" [ˈtuːθsəm] adj 1. of delicious or appetizing appearance, flavour or smell

Not that we while away our hours Googling ourselves or anything, but we did happen to stumble across this blog review from 'The Hearing Trumpet'. They blog about us, we blog about them! The world goes round.

Friday, 16 October 2009


When Time Out arrived through the door last week, we were like "oh breakfasts. We like breakfasts." So we flicked through, read about some of the great breakfasts on offer, got to the bottom of the St John Bread & Wine entry only to spot none other than The Bruncheon Club!!! "WTF?!" said Gregg.

Time Out have killed two birds with one stone by using the same words to give us a 4-star review here!


Last Sunday was the first ever indoor Bruncheon Club! Maya's mum made us a beautiful curtain to partition the kitchen from the living room - so that any eggy kitchen tantrums would be hidden from our guests! (Hi mum! Happy birthday!!) We also debuted our new seasonal starter: baked peaches with honey, ginger and pecan topped with a dollop of greek yoghurt. Mmmm!

Welcome to the new dining area!

Guests start to arrive.

So long to the old dining area!

Sunday, 4 October 2009

People all over the world, join hands...

Gregg went LIVE on Irish radio station 4fm on Wednesday. On the Lunchtime with Dave Harvey show. Tune in below!

We highly recommend listening right to the end to admire how Dave signs off the chat with Gregg and fades into Love Train by the O'Jays. Hop onboard, next stop Bruncheon Club!

"Perfectly-formed..." - Time Out

Time Out have included us in their list of London's underground restaurants. They say you don't have to book a seat - which is a nice idea, but utter nonsense.

Restaurant in our Living Room

To go with the new TV series Restaurant in our Living Room, Virgin 1 have launched an interactive map where diners, hosts and sellers can all come together and plot themselves. BC is now plotted - if you can spot us. We're buried beneath a sea of diners.

Find Wally here.