Monday, 24 August 2009

"Whoever cooked the eggs should be outted as a professional chef"

One of our guests at the last BC was food blogger Fat Les a.k.a 'Bellaphon' (meaning beautiful sound, in case you were wondering about the gramophone). Such is his commitment to new taste sensations, that he walked to our E8 garden all the way from Notting Hill. It took him over 2 hours! See what he had to say, along with his awesome photos, here.

BC digest

Sunday 16th August was slick. We were operating with balletic grace! Lovely eggs, lovely people, you get the picture. And here are some actual pictures:

Poaching a dozen eggs is no yolk!

One day, all this could be yours...

Meet our egg suppliers

The other day we dropped in to spend a little quality time with the behind-the-scenes stars of BC. They were mostly chillin' in the pond. Keep up the good work lay-dees!


A couple of weeks ago BC went on a field trip to The Shed. We had the dope 6-course August menu. Every course was delicious. We gorged on enough Colston Basset Stilton to turn ourselves blue. We even got packed off with off-cuts from the white chocolate croissant pudding! All for just 20 British!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Berry good!

Sunday's BC saw us harvest over 7lbs of elderberries! They're currently at rest in the freezer whilst we dream up what to make with them. We're thinking of home-made French toast topped with elderberry compote.

If you have any more ideas, please do drop us a line at

My mate Marmite!

MsMarmiteLover, the doyenne of all things secret and foody, came along to the second sitting on Sunday. We were delighted to offer her our mega-pot of Marmite! She's posted a lovely write-up on her blog along with some brilliant photos. Check it!

MsMarmiteLover hosts The Underground Restaurant at her beautiful home in Kilburn. Go!

Bruncheon mop-up!

Sunday 9th August was another stormer! The sun had his hat on again, we met some lovely people and our housemates hung out and harvested elderberries from the trees!

The first sitting enjoying drinks on the lawn.

Coffee, chat and papers.

Picking the elderberries!

Be a good egg!

The awesome Spitalfields City Farm, who supply our duck eggs, have asked us to help raise awareness of the poor welfare suffered by hens kept in cages. We at BC only buy happy eggs and we advise you to be a good egg too. Check out the Compassion in World Farming site for more info.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

The BC on Diesel Radio!

Anyone listening to Diesel Radio this afternoon, would have heard the exquisite Broken Hearts talking about The Bruncheon Club! They even played Eggman by Beastie Boys for us!

You woke up in the morning with a peculiar feeling
You looked up and saw egg dripping from the ceiling
...amazing! Thanks Broken Hearts!

Broken Hearts by Rob Flowers