Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Bruncheon's back!

Saturday saw the triumphant return of The Bruncheon Club. Along with new chairs, we spruced things up with a whole new menu. It consisted of... gently scrambled eggs on home-baked soda bread with a rocket salad; grilled pink grapefruit with brown sugar; blueberry pancake stack with maple syrup, tea/coffee and bucks fizz! Yuuuuuuum!

Maybe it was the champagne, but all the guests were particularly sparkly. It goes down as one of our favourite BCs ever.

We got up early to bake two loaves of soda bread using this recipe from fellow Hackney blogger The Redundancy Cookbook. It was bread easy!

Saturday was also the first outing for the tea set we got for Christmas from Maya's sister. (Thanks sis!) It's pictured here with our friendly lounge giraffe in the background.

For your sitting pleasure...

Upon awaking from BC's little winter hibernation, we realised we were a couple of chairs down. So we cycled down to Bethnal Green and discovered a second-hand furniture wonderland under the railway arches. We picked up a pair of these adorable chairs and cycled them home.

In order to seem indifferent when haggling over the price of the chairs, we played it cool and went for a cuppa at a cafe in a neighbouring arch. What we found was a delightful mixture of hairdressers-cum-gallery-cum-vintage clothes shop-cum-cafe, 10 Gales. Our pot of tea for two came with two Custard Creams and two Malted Milks! Score! And our ice cool bargaining bagged us a third off the price of the chairs.