Friday, 18 December 2009

Festive Bruncheon

Last BC was the last BC of the year. We spun some Rockabilly Xmas hits and brought out the mince pies and cream. We mixed things up even more with a new starter: grilled grapefruit with brown sugar. Most excitingly, we had our first bruncheon baby! For the Christmas BC too! There was room at our inn!

Gregg "entertains" with the remains of the grapefruit.

Bruncheon baby covered in some non-BC baby snacks (too young for bloody mary).

Maya and The Guardian sitting in a tree...

In an effort to plug our recent "Bid for Bruncheon" campaign, Maya sold her ass to The Guardian. You can read all about the love affair here.

Hackney Podcast

The avid reader of our blog may recall that a few months ago The Hackney Podcast stopped by The Bruncheon Club. Well, the episode is now available. You can listen to the whole podcast here, OR you could just listen to the highlights (ie. us!) below: