Sunday, 27 September 2009

BC on the BBC

BC are featured in an article on the BBC news online as part of a piece on underground restaurants. Licence-fee money well spent! You can read the article by clicking on the word 'here' here: here.

"Utterly scrumptious" - The London Foodie

One charming guest from the last BC has written an extremely flattering review on his mouth-watering blog. You can read all about the healing powers of Bruncheon Club by clicking here.

The September Issue

Wouldn't you know it... last BC in late September was sunny again! The sun is good to Bruncheon Club. For the first sitting we welcomed the lovely Hackney Podcast who were here to record for their October edition. We'll be sure to let you know when it drops.

Nom nom nom


Saturday, 19 September 2009


BC went on tour last weekend to sunny Gower, South Wales and popped up in a Port Eynon kitchen. We revived 3 sittings of weary revellers with our usual panache.

Tucking in!

Vegging out!

BC out.

"Delectable" - Newsweek

BC is featured in the current issue of Newsweek! Read all about it!

Bank Holiday Bruncheon

The last BC in August was another treat. The sun shone, the guests shone. The only difference was that it was on a Monday! Two lovely guests even brought us champagne! Hurrah!